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Veil Guide

Just incase your a little confused by the different veil types, heres a little guide to help you

Single Tier

A single tier wedding veil  doesn't have the section of tulle that can be pulled down across the face, also known as the blusher .The veil is made from a single piece of tulle, the length depending on the style you've chosen, with a comb attached at one end where the tulle will be gathered. A single tier veil is perhaps the most manageable veil especially if your planning on getting married on the beach or outdoors!












Two tier

A two tier veil means that it is a veil that has the tulle that can be pulled down over the face. The part that falls over the face is called the blusher and can be any length you choose, its traditionally 72cm long.

Many people now choose to have a two tier veil not to have over their face but for the gorgeous waterfall affect it creates over the top of your dress when worn only on the back of your  head. The shape is even more gorgeous when the veil is finished with a detailed edging.












Mantilla Veil

This is a single tier veil without any type of gather.A veil like this can be kept in place by securing it with a few discreet or embellished hair pins to keep it in your hair. If you've chosen to have a lace or detailed edge wedding veil, a small comb can be hidden under the detailing to keep it securely in place.


















Bird cage veil

normally a small veil covering only the face, fixed into the hair with a comb or hair pins. Made from netting, either Russian Net or French Net, in a diamond pattern which can also be adorned with anything you can imagine.

A birdcage veil is a gorgeous alternative to a traditional veil and looks particularly amazing with vintage style dresses, as well as the more slinky 1940s fishtail style dress'. these are the perfect alternative veil for a bridal look without going OTT.


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